Support Systems

Retrograde IR Platform + Extension

Femoral access table made of carbon fiber for Endovascular Procedures.

The Retrograde IR Platform is the ideal over patient work surface for Vascular and Interventional Radiology.

The platform offers clinical benefits to the current practice of laying procedural equipment over the patients’ legs by offering a stable, radiolucent, height and length appropriate solution for your femoral artery access procedures. It is the ultimate stable solution for catheter / guide wire manipulation offering a large work area for equipment.

The height of the platform can be adjusted to suit the specific patient size ensuring the surfaces feathered leading edge can be tuned to the femoral access site. The platform, with its attachable extension, can be set-up at two different lengths according to equipment needs. The stand alone platform is well suited for shorter wire procedures such as ‘Rapid Exchange Catheter Systems’ and extended platform is suited for ‘Over The Wire Catheter Systems’ or Neuro Radiology wires.

Placed over the patient’s legs once they are in a supine position on the imaging table, the carbon fibre composite is light, radiolucent, strong and easy to set-up for each patient. For restless patients it can also be locked down ensuring their movement will not dislodge the platform.

CT Dual Injector

Antegrade IR Platform

Antegrade femoral access table made of carbon fiber for Interventional Vascular Radiology procedures.

An ideal work surface for antegrade femoral approach.

The Antegrade IR Platform offers a stable, radiolucent, height and length appropriate work surface, providing clinical benefits to the current practice of laying procedural equipment on the mattress and patient. It is the ultimate solution for catheter/guide wire manipulation, presenting a large
surface area conveniently aligned with the femoral artery site for supporting equipment during a procedure.

The narrow portion extends alongside the patient towards the femoral artery, offering a steady platform for the clinician to rest their wrists on during wire manipulation. The legs can be adjusted to the appropriate height and locked for the duration of the procedure, ensuring a stable work surface. If a longer
work-surface area is required, the optional extension can be locked onto the end of the platform, allowing operators to work from the same working surface side by side.

Crafted from carbon fibre composite and high-performance engineering plastics, the Antegrade IR Platform is light-weight yet strong and has a high resistance to chemical attack.

CT Dual Injector


Support for radial access for multipositional and adjustable right and left arm.

Adept Medical introduces the STARSystem. A combination of the STARBoard, STARSupport and STARTable to become a complete, clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures.

STARSystem provides unequalled patient comfort and ease of use for clinicians. Designed to work with any cardiac or radiology procedure table, the STARSystem is quick to install and adjust to variations in patient size. Set-up is achieved in seconds with no consumable components required.

CT Single Injector

2x ArmSure + 10 Straps

Arm immobilisation support in supine and prone position.

Adept Medical introduces the ArmSure: the ideal system for arm immobilisation, protecting the sterile field. Particularly useful in the increasing number of procedures performed under conscious sedation where patient restlessness can be an issue. There is also the added optional benefit of reducing scatter radiation.

The ArmSure prevents a restless patient from compromising the sterile femoral access site while presenting the forearm for IV lines, anaesthesia, etc., throughout the procedure. The ArmSure gently secures both arms of a supine patient in a comfortable adducted position with soft, easy to install, adjustable straps. The unique design allows the straps to be loose while maintaining arm security and patient comfort.

The ergonomic design comfortably supports the patient’s arms at an optimal height, fits all lab table models, works on both sides of the image table and suits a wide variety of patient sizes.

Using the ArmSure is efficient, quick and repeatable as it allows for single person set-up, replacing the conventional arm towel/sheet tuck. It also works with common gel pads for additional patient comfort.

The ArmSure is placed under the sterile drape and is easy to clean. Highperformance plastic materials have been selected for excellent resistance to chemical attack from commonly used cleaning products. The straps are made from a soft, durable polyurethane and are also easy to clean.

CT Single Injector

Drape Support

Designed to support a sterile drape over the patient

Versatile sterile drape management.

Designed to support a sterile drape over the patient, the extremely versatile Drape Support offers a wide range of imaging table placement options. With two articulating joints, it can be easily manoeuvred to suit procedural and patient requirements.

Set-up is achieved in seconds as the daggerboard slides under the mattress at a convenient position. The adjustable surface is ideal for supporting lightweight equipment such as syringes, kidney bowls, etc. It is transparent for patient comfort, helping to reduce anxiety.

Clinically tested, it can be used in numerous interventional radiology and cardiology procedures such as antegrade femoral artery access, jugular artery access, transcutaneous pacing, portacath insertion or as an anaesthesia screen.

The Drape Support is crafted entirely from radiolucent, high-performance engineering plastics for superior rigidity, durability and resistance to chemical attack. The Drape Support is lightweight and compact taking up minimal space around the imaging table and even less when folded for storage.

Overhead Arm Support

Arm support is the ideal solution for patient positioning and management during diagnostic studies.

For improved access and imaging.

Designed to comfortably support the supine patient’s arms, it eliminates extreme shoulder flexion, allows abdominal access and removes unwanted artefacts when imaging with C-Arm or CT machines. This versatile device will support one or both arms in the supine position and a single arm when used with the posterior
oblique position.

The Overhead Arm Support provides ease of use for the operator and facilitates improved patient comfort, procedural outcome and repeatability.

Lower Leg Suppport

Leg inmobilization support for Peripheral Artery interventions.

A complete, clinically engineered solution to assist with Peripheral Artery Disease Interventions.

The Lower Leg Support has been developed to gently immobilise the patient’s leg during Fluoroscopy guided treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia. Clinician led, the ergonomic design optimally positions the leg for procedural requirements desired during lower limb interventions.

Resting on top of the table mattress, it can be firmly secured with two Table Straps that simply wrap around the cantilevered table and mattress, ensuring device security. The Table Straps are equipped with side release buckles allowing quick release and tensioning. The Lower Leg Support is compatible with most common table models and can be used with C-Arm imaging systems.

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