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Ultimate Performance for Real-time PCR.

Fast. Accurate. Compact

Fast results without compromise

  • Mic uses a patented magnetic induction technology to heat samples and fan forced air for cooling. This means fast qpcr results in less than 25 min for 35 cycles*.
  • Back that up with a robust optical syste m that reads all channels simultaneously and running multichannel assays has never beenquicker. The mic qpcr cycler is available in either 2 or 4 channel models.
  • Each channel uses an independent high intensity led, photodetector and filter set combining together to give unparalleled detectionperformance.
  • With a fixed optical path and no moving parts there is never any optical alignment or calibration required.
  • Even better is that no referencedyes or crosstalk compensation is required.



Ultimate Performance for Real-trime PCR Multi-run, Multi-instrument, Anytime

Multi-run, multi-instrument, anytime

Why wait to run 384 samples?

  • Get your results now and have the confidence your datasets can be seamlessly combined using our project analysis software at anytime.
  • Comparing samples between multiple runs or even multiple instruments is now effortless. Reproducibility across multiple runs on mic is better than within a single 96 or 384 well run on many cyclers.
  • To achieve this level of precision, the mic real-time cycler incorporates a unique spinning aluminium rotor
  • You might think this level of accuracy requires constant calibration, but mic’s good to go right out of the box.

You don’t need to calibrate – ever.

Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and swabs


Ultimate Performance for Real-time PCR.

Fast. Accurate. Compact

Modern personal design

  • Mic takes up less space on the bench than your lab book. And weighing in at just 2 kg, this is the most portable, compact, qpcr cycler on the market. Even four mic’s stacked togethertake up less bench space than your current cycler.
  • Only magnetic induction technology by way of its elegant simplicity makes it possible toachieve such a small footprint.
  • The custom tube format uses 0.1 ml strips of four tubes and matching caps, supporting volumes
  • From 5μl to 30μl. Ultra thin walls designed for f ast cycling times,
  • Pre-loaded with an oil overlay and in house manufacturing guarantees the maximum possible performance for your application.
  • All tubes come pre-racked for easy loading and correct orientation is ensured with a tab on the first tube.

Wireless robust communications

  • Multiple mic’s can be operated from one workstation so 48 becomes 96, and 96 becomes 192.Bluetooth® technology means fewer cables too.
  • Instruments can communicate via bluetooth® or usb cable and you can connect as many as ten instruments to one pc. This means up to 480 samples can be analysed simultaneously.
  • Never lose data through disconnections again. Every mic has built in data storage to keep your data safe even if the pc is disconnected.Recovery is automatic as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Naturally you want to be up and running as quickly as possible so installation has been made plug-and-play. It’s as simple as installing the software and starting your first run.

Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and swabs


Ultimate performance for Real-time PCR.

Fast. Accurate. Compact

Project based analysis lets you combine multiple runs into one analysis.

  • With mic’s unrivalled reproducibility you no longer need to worry about batching your experiments into one large 96 or 384 well run.Simply combine your runs into one analysis for any type of application.
  • By automating the analysis process we el iminate the need to export data to third party software. All of the statistics are included readyfor publication.

Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and swabs

Relative quantification

Mic’s rq software uses up-to-date mathematical models and well-founded statistical analysis, allowing you to compare gene expression levels for different targets across multiple groups.
All the necessary calculations and statistics are carried out within the software. Data is reported both numerically and graphically.
With mic’s superior temperature uniformity y ou can easily detect differences between samples as little as 0.2 fold.

Absolute quantification

Using a standard curve, aq allows you to determine the absolute amount of a genetic target.
This five point, two fold dilution series produced an efficiency of 98%. The percentage variation between the given and calculated concentration was no greater than 5%allowing for accurate quantification of the unknown sample.

Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and swabs

Melt / allelic discrimination

Use differentiated melt curves from various types of chemistries, including quenched fret dual hybridization probes, beacon probes or plexor® to characterize a sample’s genotype.
Melt peaks can be inverted to accommodate the different chemistry types.

Alternatively, use hybridisation probes to determine discrimination.

Genotypes through allelic

High resolution melting

Mic’s optional hrm software characterises dna

Samples according to their melt

Behaviour so you can identify mutations, including difficult class iv snps.

Hrm is the perfect tool for applications including determining allele prevalence, screening for loss of heterozygosity, dna fingerprinting, dna methylation, species identification and calculating the ratio of somatic acquired mutations.

Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and swabs

NES-32 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Nucleic Acid Extraction Solution

Features & Benefits:

• Up to 32 samples/run
• High purity & high yield
• Ready-to-use reagents
• 8-inch large color touch screen
• Aviation material heating base
• UV lamp and disposable consumables eliminate contamination

960 Real-Time PCR System

For the extraction of DNA/RNA from various types of specimens using a magnetic beads-based method.

Features & Benefits:

  • Broad dynamic range: 1~1010 copies/mL
  • Perform up to 4-target multiple analysis
  • Long life LED and sensitive PMT for high-performance results
  • No need for ROX reference dye
  • No crosstalk between well to well due to special optical system design
  • Top signal detection technology to eliminate the influence of floccule or residual magnetic beads in the reaction
  • Large color touchscreen and easy-to-use software

Absolute quantitation, Relative quantitation, High Resolution Melting (HRM), SNP genotyping, Gene Expression, Methylation and Mutation detection

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