In Vitro Diagnostics


100% Success in QCMD EQA Panels.

30 Million Tests sold.


  • Target Genes: Orf1ab and N
  • Internal Control Gene: Rnasep
  • Reaction Time: <60 Mins
  • Storage Condition: -20 C
  • Shelf Life: 14 Months
  • Sample Type: Nasal Swabs,
  • Nasopharyng Eal Swabs/aspirates/washes and Sputum Lod: 100 Copies/ml

100% Success in Qcmd Eqa Panels 30 Million Tests Sold

Kit Components:

  • Enzyme Mastermix
  • Primer and Probes Mix
  • Positive Control
  • Negative Control

Reference: Meds-tdc-pcr_test_kit_di1

Also Available: Viral Transport and Extraction Solution and Swabs


  • Covid-19 antigen rapid diagnostic test
    Easy operation that does not require special training
  • Qualitatively determine the presence or absence of covid-19 antigen
  • Test duration : 15 min


  • Product type: antigen test
  • Test method: colloidal based gold lat eral flow test
  • Sample type: nasopharyngeal or nasal swab
  • Sample quantity: the sample solution volume is about three drops (100- 150 μi). Test duration: 15 minutes
  • Storage temperature: 4-25°c
  • Shelf life: 24 months


  • Test cassette in aluminum foil swab
  • Extraction tube with dropper
  • Tube containing buffer solution

Reference: meds-ds-antj-a20


The “Viral Transport Solution” is intended for collection, transport and inactivation of clinical specimens containing viruses under safe conditions.

The “Viral transport solution” is intended for collection, transport and inactivation of clinical specimens containing viruses under safe conditions.

The viral transport solution is a single-tube system, that requires only vortex mixing to break up cells and prepare the released nucleic acid fragments for pcr ampli cation and cdna synthesis.
The viral transport solution also ensures that the viral pathogens are fully inactivated, and their genetic material is preserved/s tabilized. This is critical for downstream molecular testing and the safety of the healthcare workers.

The viral transport solution has been developed to be used with sars-cov-2, the infectious agent of the covid-19 disease; however, it can also be used for the collection and transport of other viruses as well as chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasmas at room temperature.

Product content:

  • Viral transport solution (1,50 ml) / quantity/package: 100 unit
  • Viral transport solution (1,00 ml) / quantity/package: 300 unit

Reference:meds-zp-vts-0s25 reference:meds-zp-vts-0s20

Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and swabs

Flocked Nasopharygeal Swab


  • Perfect designed nasopharyngeal swab superior absorbent flock tip
  • Flexible structured stable handle
  • Optimum use with standart breakposition
  • Made in turkey


  • For nasopharyngeal samplecollection
  • Specimen collection
  • Rapid diagnostic testing
  • Forensic evidence collection

Product description:
It is the ideal product for all rapid diagnostic tests and pcr analysis.

Provides excellent absorption capacity with sensitive flockapplication. The unique microstructure of flock fibers increases rapid absorption. Ensures that biological samples are releasedat the same speed.

155 mm overall lenght ( 6.10″ )

Flok tip dimensions:
3.55 mm flock dia. ( 1.397″ )
17 mm flock lenght ( 0.66″ )

Handle dimensions:
2.75 mm dia. ( 1.08″ )
150 mm handle lenght ( 59.05″ )

5 / 100 / 1
5 box of 100 pcs. İndividually wrapped swabs


Also available: viral transport and extraction solution and sw

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (DNA/RNA)

For the extraction of DNA/RNA from various types of specimens using a magnetic beads-based method.

  • Ready-to-use extraction kit
  • Extraction of high-quality DNA and RNA
  • Pure DNA and RNA ready for downstream applications

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